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Shoutout to craigslist for being exactly the same website for 20 years, and a damn good one at that

Turns out adding Mastodon to one of my servers was a little too much for it!

Now migrating all general website stuff to a new general web host.

After reading Gitlab’s response to yesterday’s security issues, I can’t help but laugh. It’s 2019 and people are STILL not using MFA and people are STILL storing sensitive passwords in plaintext!

That’s asking for trouble these days.

Use a password manager. Use multi-factor authentication wherever possible. And don’t store passwords in plaintext! How hard is this?

I spent a lot of time today playing with sourcehut builds (

I’m blown away at how easy everything was. A quick YAML file later and I’ve got a process that tests a package and, if all goes well, zips it up and copies it to an S3 bucket. (Because sourcehut git doesn’t provide zips, just tarballs, and Ghost themes need to be zips.)

On this topic, this is probably the first and last relevant Microsoft Community article I'll ever read. It's even from the recent past!

Nice, Microsoft "accidentally removed" the Templates feature in Outlook.

There's many articles and guides out there telling you how you should be versioning your software (SemVer).

I've yet to find a guide to outline when and how you decide to increment a version, and which number to increment.

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