"How to Kill IE11" by Mike Sherov mike.sherov.com/ie11-countdown

Interesting post. My bet is that IE11 will continue to linger for at least another year or two, though. Too many enterprises stuck on IE for compat reasons.

@nolan I'm so excited for this day to finally come. IE gives me nightmares.

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for 3DS was the best $8 I’ve spent in a while.

I’ve probably already sunk 7 hours into it.

@emsenn That happened to me once with a couple of VMs at work.

Can confirm it was a shit day.

Twitch Prime really dropped the ball on this whole NSO business.

TIL you need to add additional custom shells to /etc/shell on macOS.

Makes me wonder wth I was using before.

"Nobody talks about the real reason to use Tabs over Spaces"


This is a pretty compelling reason. Esp. if you are writing open source code.

If I never stop working I might actually keep up with work.

"On 10 April, astrophysicists announced that they had captured the 1st ever image of a #blackhole.

No headlines mentioned that the image would have been impossible without open-source software: #Matplotlib, a #Python library for graphing data.

Just 5 days later, the NSF rejected a grant to support that ecosystem, saying that the software lacked sufficient impact.

#opensource is widely acknowledged as crucially important in science, yet it is funded non-sustainably."


I’m feeling woefully unprepared for my upcoming road trip this weekend. 😩

@lroop @staticsafe @chuck @thurloat @GeoffWozniak fifthed. I’ve been using them for about two years now and they’ve been great!

Link to a Twitter thread detailing Librem One's privacy and security issues at launch. Major 0-days swept under the rug, trackers and analytics and more.


Me: Hey Siri, play me Rainbow Kitten Surprise artist radio.
Siri: I'm sorry, I can't create a personalized station with that.

Me: Play Ranbow Kitten Surprise
Siri: Ok, now playing a personalized Rainbow Kitten Surprise radio station.


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